When I was with my ex the only thing that ever seemed to keep me remotely sane and grounded was him so when things ended I lost it and I was basically always a hot mess but you know what I at least had my puppy Charles. I’ve had him since the day he was born so he’s been like my baby and he was always just so happy and smiling and loving and kinda was there for me as weird as it sounds.Well this morning someone broke into my backyard and stole him. And I just refused to believe it and the first thing I wanted to do was call my ex and now idk what to do. I feel like a huge part of me know is just forever missing. I haven’t been able to really be upset about it as much as I know I am. Im hoping that its some huge cosmic joke and that when I get home he’ll somehow be there again. I feel like this past year the universe has just been consistently shitting on my life, and I thought I got to a point where I was moderately happy and now I just feel like I’ve take a complete 360 back to where I started.